Prompt Installations And Repairs For Water Pumps

You don’t usually think about your water pump systems until they stop working properly. Dearman Pump is ready to install a brand-new system or alter your existing one. Let our expert technicians recommend the best system for your needs. Then we’ll install or repair your system perfectly so that you’ll never be out of water again. If you’re in the middle of a water emergency, call us at 530-365-0125 for immediate relief. Our knowledgeable techs are available 24/7. You’ll receive expert services at affordable prices when you hire us to install or modify your water pump system. Choose from top brands like Goulds Pumps and Flint & Walling pumps

Top-Notch Water Pump Services And Products

Choose From A Wide Variety Of Pumps

Protect Your Property With Fire Pumps

Keep your home safe with fire pumps. They have portable gas-powered engines that drive high-pressure water wherever you need it. We can have them hooked up to a generator in case of a power outage caused by a fire. Our fire pump kits include a suction hose, fire hose, and nozzle. They’re great solutions for protecting your property from potential fires.

Hassle-Free Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps are perfect for well and water storage tanks that need centrifugal force to push the water up to your property. These wells don’t require a lot of attention because they have very few maintenance issues. This is why submersible pumps are used by many property owners.

Jet Pumps Are Perfect For Your Home

Shallow and deep well jet pumps suit any home. High and low horsepower models are able to use water from wells up to 100 feet deep. These pumps can also be utilized to increase your existing water pressure. Jet pumps are limited to suctions less than 25 feet deep, but they’re a great choice if your existing system needs more pressure. Multi-state pumps are offered for applications that have to overcome higher pressure on the discharge side of the pump.

Dependable Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are useful for a variety of applications, including mining, industry, agriculture, turf irrigation, and power generation. Centrifugal pumps are made in many different styles to meet your needs, including end suction, self-priming, multi-stage, and specialty pumps.

Increase Water Pressure With Booster Pumps

Booster pumps are used to increase water pressure and even out the flow for a smoother stream. These specialty pumps are installed between the supply pump and the main building, so they can be retrofitted to provide proper pressure in urban scenarios.

Custom Turbine Pumps

Turbine pumps come in submersible and non-submersible versions. Their sizes can vary from 4″ to 10″, which makes them a great choice for all kinds of construction projects. These pumps can even be customized to your application if you choose from deep well or short set applications in various construction materials.

Durable Waste Water Pumps

Waste water pumps specialize in the disposal of heavy fluids. They’re available in a variety of models, including booster and sewage grinder pumps. Most models come with non-clog impellers, so they don’t need as much regular maintenance as a traditional pump would in this application.

Constant Pressure Pumps Improve Appliances

When you want variable speed control and constant pressure to help your appliances run more efficiently, you need constant pressure pumps. You’ll get the most benefit out of running more than one appliance at a time because the pressure won’t be diverted from one application to the other.