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24/7 Emergency Service

24/7 Emergency Service

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Jerry and Todd came out today to restore electrical service to our primary domestic well pump. They very professionally troubleshot our complex and confusing control system and got us back in service in short order. Call Dearman Pump for new or existing pump connections. They know what they are doing unlike several others here in town.

John C | 5/16/2018


Called them, when had problems. They had a crew out that day. Problem fixed. They checked out my entire system and had my problem solved in just a couple of hours.
Friendly staff a great personality. Would highly recommend.

Dorene Shields | January 5, 2019


I’ll start by saying Ron Dearman and his crew are incredible !!!!

Last evening, just after 5:00 pm, as I was getting ready to shower as we were having friends over for dinner, I noticed that our water pressure was REALLY low.   I immediately headed to the pump house and noticed that I had an error code on the control panel for our variable speed pump.   I called Dearman Pumps after hours number and left a msg, less than 5 minutes later Ron Dearman returned my call and said he’d come by in 20 minutes (at the time of my call the Dearman family was having a Christmas party).   He arrived, diagnosed the problem, contacted a member of his company to go by the shop and pick up the part, and by 6:30 pm my pump was back up and running.    Our guests, who arrived at 6:00, hardly knew that there was an incident occurring on the property, except for the appearance of the Dearman Pump truck on the property.

I cannot thank Ron Dearman and his crew for saving the day!

Rich S | 12/22/2018


DEARMANs is without a doubt the number one service in our county. The exemplify the the word service. The tech’s are informative and polite. I would not hesitate to use there service and highly recommend this company.

Steve M | 5/18/2019


In an emergency Xmas day Ron agreed to come troubleshoot my well as we had no water and I’ve got kids and animals to water bathe clean for etc he and his team came out didn’t charge me said merry Xmas. When I called the following day he came out and put in a new pump for 1,780less than the other company quoted me he even let me post date a check for down payment and make payment arrangements. This company is full of love and compassion. I highly recommend Dearman not just because they are great ppl but the do excellent work as well. Thank you to all at Dearman employees and Ron for helping me family. From our hearts to yours THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.

Lisa P | 12/27/2018

We had a Great and informative service call. I will have to pay 1000.00 for a tank replacement but happy to do that with a family owned company and keeping my dollars local.

Nikki and Scot R | 1/15/2018

Recently I needed to have my Pump replaced on my well. I had researched different brands of pumps; prices and specifications. After realizing that I could not afford a professional to replace my pump; I began the process of pulling the pump myself. It is 150’ down, I used what I have used before: a come along and homemade clamps. I am 75 years old with back problems. Last time I pulled this pump was 10 years ago. I raised the pump about 7 feet in one day. My wife came out, as I sat; my back aching; contemplating the remaining 143’. She demanded I relinquish to a professional. I did NOT want to do that because I am then at their mercy! She was insistent! I reluctantly called several professionals; leaving messages. Dearman Pump was the first to call me back. They gave me a few quotes. I said I would “think about it”. I was ready to continue pulling on my own; however, I secretly wanted the job done. I pulled a couple more feet and then called Dearman back. They sent two workers with a truck. They are a busy company and some normal delay occurred; however, it was well worth the wait! Corey and Troy treated me and my somewhat selfish attitude with great patience and care. After they pulled the well I was given the option to either finish it myself or have them continue. I was also given an on the spot; out the door; quote. My previous research showed it to be lower than other quotes I had received! In my mind I was thinking they made a ‘mistake’. Don’t get me wrong; for me; it was still a hefty sum; but, these folks have to make a buck also, as they work hard! I accepted, thinking they would simply put on a new pump and set it back in. They not only did that; they went the extra mile by putting my previous amateur job to shame! They used conduit on all wires; made sure all wiring to the pump was double taped and all sensitive areas on the pipe had torque arrestors. They lacked a coupling and did not want to leave until they had the well up; running and proven. I told them I would do all that. They were not buying it! I then remembered a coupling I had in my shop! I went and got it and Troy and Corey made it work! They offered to clean up all the leftover ‘discards’; but I am a collector. In Short; I believe I got a very good price and even BETTER services then I have come to expect. I had some of my confidence in “professionals” restored by these very professional men. They were capable; courteous and professional. They put up with my sidewalk superintendent ignorance and laughed at my dumb jokes. If I need a professional in the future, I will call Dearman Pump FIRST!

Danny A | 10/21/2017

We have been customers of Dearman Pump for about 3 years now. They are always professional and there when we need them. It is comforting to know that when an issue arises with our old well I can call them and trust that they make the correct repairs we need. The employees that come out to our propery have Always been respectful and extremely professional. We will always be customers of Dearman Pump!!!!

Sharon | 6/30/2017

Friendly and Great Service!

Marion S | 5/7/2017

Thank you for the new submersible pump and tank setup here on the river.

Jenny G | 4/29/2017

Thank you for your quick response to live well problems!

Louis J M | 4/16/2017